Who We Are

We are pleased to announce your elected PTSA Officer’s Committee for 2016-2017 as follows:

Chair – Carrie-Anne Hall (year 2/year 5 parent)

Vice-Chair – Korina Gerolazou (year 1 parent)

Secretary – Lisa Greenwood (year 2 parent)

Treasurer – Vanessa Mulholland (reception/year 2 parent)

Co-Vice-Chairs (Teachers and Staff) – Jolene Easdale and Carly Rorke (teachers, reception and year 1, also year 2 and year 5 parents)

Publicity (Communications Officer) – Jo Twyman (reception and year 2 parent)

Student Representatives – Gwyn Jones School Council

Additional Key Committee Members are:

School Uniforms – Emma Bowman

Bag2School Co-ordinator – unfilled

External Fundraising Committee – Simon Craner (Business Manager), Korina Gerolazou and Vanessa Mulholland


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