Talent Show – Friday May 17th – 3:30pm

DSC01339This Friday, May 17th will see our next event, the Gwyn Jones Students’ Talent Show take place in the Hall at 3:30pm. Entrance is free, and we’ll be selling programs and snacks for 50p donations to support arts activities for the children.

BUT we are still in dire need of parental help! We need at least 6 more volunteers to assist the talent show rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday (3:15-4:30pm) and with the show on Friday (3:30-5:30pm). If you want the event to go ahead, please can you get in touch no later than TUESDAY, it will be a lot of fun and it means the world to a load of really talented kids.

Please grab me in the playground or email us HERE. If we don’t have any more parents to help us, the show can’t go on.

Thanks in advance.


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