Winter Craft Bazaar 2012

We have been really lucky to have SO very much interest in hosting a holiday craft fair this year. Last week we had an informal meeting, then Friday we mentioned it at the AGM, with a warm response, and this morning we had another small meeting to discuss it further. I’m really excited to share those ideas with you. Basically there are five main elements we’d like to get organised with your help:

  • Craft donations. This would be from the very talented pool of crafters we have at our very own Gwyn Jones. These might come directly from the children or from parents, grandparents, neighbours. We’re asking if anyone has a talent at hand made things, could you kindly make an item for us to sell on the day? This could be as simple as a nicely decorated set of candles, a wreath, a few nice ornaments, some cards.. Maybe you’re handy with the sewing machine and could whip up a pair of nice cushion covers. Maybe you’re good at crochet – what about a coaster? a tea warmer? A hand made tea towel? Anything that looks lovely for the holiday season, that you could donate, would be extremely appreciated. 
  • Table tops for sale. There are a limited number of table tops that we’re opening up to the community; if you know a small business that does gifts or crafts, this would be ideal for them. It may be handmade jewelry, dishes, tea pots, handmade home furnishings, the possibilities are endless. Tables will cost 10.00 + raffle contribution.
  • Kids’ crafting activities. Here’s the really fun part. This will really rely on volunteers too! Small booths for the children to enjoy themselves. Suggestions are coming in thick and fast, among them: paper and glitter  snowflakes, seasonal card-making, ornament creation, plate painting, gingerbread/cookie decorating, bracelet making, and more.
  • Strong support is coming in for a Santa. TBC. This could be areal smash hit if we have space and maybe some volunteers who could decorate a mini grotto. Are you someone who’s handy with cardboard, paint and a string of fairy lights? Or maybe you’re someone with a theatre background, maybe you’ve made inexpensive sets before? Get in touch, we need you 🙂 This could be a little booth where for a small fee the child can talk to Santa and take away a small gift, while parents take a snapshot for the memory books.
  • Food stalls. Get ready to drool. Traditionally Gwyn Jones’ Parents are a dab hand in the baking department. Get in touch if you think you could bake a cake, put together a gingerbread house, whip up a cheesecake, make a few trays of cookies, put some preserves in a jar, or bag up some chocolate truffles. All donations received very gratefully! We can also sell treats on the day like popcorn, nachos, hot chocolate and marshmallows etc. So if you’re happy to muck in at a stall for an hour or two, we need you 🙂

And finally there will be miscellaneous things that are also possibilities.. Stalls for children’s second-books are always popular, a gift wrapping center would be handy for those treats you come away with from the stalls, a tombola goes down a storm, and lurking somewhere is the small possibility of a raffle (if we can get prizes organised in time. If you know any companies that could kindly donate things, can you get in touch? We’d be glad to feature their generosity on the tickets and on this website).

Well that’s it for now. Except mark this date in your diary:

SATURDAY, 8TH of DECEMBER 2012. You won’t want to miss it!!



  1. Hi I am more than happy to make a few cakes let me know what you would want and i’ll see what i can come up with!
    Sam Gibbons (Kennedy Gibbons yr3)

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